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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Pretty good day, today

Well, as I mentioned earlier, the carpet installers arrived this afternoon and in 3.5 hours they were done, I had the new carpet vacuumed and it looks beautiful. I'll try to get a picture later. After the installers were gone, the BSU and I took off for dinner at the Gilded Feedlot and then we made a trip to Lowes for door mats for the two entrances to try to keep our new carpet clean.

What else? I got Kye & Sara's Escort moved from the garage that has had it since June to a new shop today. Steve had apparently lost interest in finishing the work and just couldn't seem to be bothered to get it done. And he moved shops and left the car behind. So today, and since the keys were left in it, I got it moved to a more interested mechanic. It apparently has completely plugged fuel lines from the tank and pump up to the fuel filter. The car may have to get the injectors cleaned or replaced to get fuel flowing properly again again. Anyway, the car is being worked on again and I'm not being lied to by a mechanic that I really wanted to like.

Sadly, I missed buying a big Craftsman tool box today. It was probably a 9 or 11 drawer box, priced at just $89 at the pawn shop I occasionally visit at lunch times. Well, I saw the box at lunch time and I didn't buy it. After work, it was gone! Dang. It would have made a dandy box for either Noah or me to get our stuff consolidated. I guess I learned not to let a good deal sit!

I ordered books for next term, 3 books, just about $200. One of the books was a new edition this term and $133 with no used books available. All the books should be here in plenty of time for school on the 10th of next month.

Now its nearly bedtime.

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